Friday, April 2, 2010


I've been writing, just not here. But I really need to post updated word counts for The Pledge that I signed. I haven't been tracking it very well.

The thing is...when I write, I work all over a document. Sometimes I start from the top. Sometimes from the bottom. And sometimes all I do is edit (which isn't good, I need to save that for the end of the writing process). It just depends on my mood.

And I'm not sure how to track for the children's book I'm supposed to be working on. Maybe I will track time instead. I'll have to start writing it down.

It's just that, lately, I have been obsessed with an idea about my experience training for a marathon. And, I had to finish up a fun little freelance article I was writing for the NW Jobs section in the Seattle Times (scheduled to run April 18).'s my first word/time count for each piece.

As of 4/2/10:
Running Book Words: 5,111
Children's Truck Book Time: N/A

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