Friday, April 9, 2010

Organizing These Words

Hey, it's Friday!

Total Word Count as of 4/9/10:
Running Book Words: 7,730 (2,619 this week)
Children's Truck Book Time: 0 hours or words
I did lots of writing this week, but it's all ADD writing. At least it's on the same subject (running memoir project) and I've been keeping it in the same document. But I've been feeling like I need to get some sort of structure going on. I sort of feel lost in my 17-page Word file. Can you imagine when it gets longer?

I can and it's not a good situation.

How should I handle this? Different chapters in their own docs?

Today, was actually one of my less productive writing days. I only wrote about 450 words. But at least I did something! Like running, a little is better than none at all. Right?

I sort of feel weird that I'm actually saying, well writing, out loud that I'm working on a running memoir. It's so specific. Sort of scary.

And I'm trying to answer the "So what?" question. I feel like I need to bounce my answer(s) off of someone. Maybe it's time to find a critique group.


  1. will each reader take away their own "so what" answer?

    Why are your writing the memoir? To tell who? To tell what?

    What about headings that you can put into a table of contents (Word will do that for you) and then you can quickly jump to sections through the table of contents.

  2. I've been working on a pregnancy memoir on and off for a couple years. My trick with when it gets long is 1. I always have an outline. 2. I have a separate folder for each story (and everything is organized in folders as needed) and 3. I link to documents from the outline.

    So, if I have a great outline, I can just click on the chapter or the section and it pulls up the document containing it all. This way I'm not working through pages and pages.


  3. I know I'm going to enjoy reading this blog! I have been working on a book for years, but I continually edit it out of existence. It's a bad habit I just can't seem to break.


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