Friday, May 14, 2010


In July of '09, the story of a couch-sitting, laptop-addicted, disc-herniated mom attempting to run a marathon began. I needed to move, I needed an adventure, I needed something to write about, and boy oh boy, did I get it.

And I almost completed my journey -- the inspiration for the book I've been working on. But now I won't be running a marathon on June 6. So, my story stops? Or continues?

I am not injured, but I almost am. So I have to take it easy, do some bike riding at the gym, maybe swimming. Someday, I'll get my marathon.

The plot thickens? Or, the book dies?


  1. I'd like to purchase an advanced copy, please. Is it on Amazon yet? :)

  2. Plot thickens, totally. Every story needs it's fair share of setbacks & adversity to overcome. Use the time that you would be training & putting in your long runs to work on your book & get caught up to where you are now. Then when you start running again & do your marathon all you'll have to write is the happy ending!

  3. The plot thickens, for sure. It's a mystery on how you will run your marathon, but mysteries are always solved. There's always an obstacle but that's what makes the resolution so much sweeter!

  4. Plot thickens! Its so true to life..the struggle (or journey depending on your point of view) of working towards something.


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