Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pop, Crack, Boom, Sizzle: Fireworks and Romantic Comedies

Fireworks always remind me of Sleepless in Seattle. You know, when Tom Hanks is standing on the back deck of his floating house in Lake Union? He misses his wife. The audience just hears the pop-pop of the small explosions across the lake. I don't think it was the Fourth, though. I think it was New Year's.

But I'm sitting on my couch tonight. It's almost 10 on July 3rd and, thanks to my eager neighbors, I'm getting my own private show outside my living room window.

I'm watching When Harry Met Sally, too, which is sort of funny since the fireworks remind me of another romantic comedy she's in. I heart these two movies, and I may have mentioned before that my all-time favorite is You've Got Mail.

Romantic comedies are the best. I love them in the written form and the cinematic. I'm thinking I should write something I would read. Now there's a novel idea.

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