Sunday, August 15, 2010

All My Best Ideas Happen in the Bathroom

Since my last post (actually about 20 minutes following that last post), I had the best idea! After I vented, I got up, walked to the bathroom and when I was washing my hands, the idea just materialized in my little head. (I really do have a little head. Last night, I was trying on hats at the Seahawks game, then I found out the one I liked was Youths 4-7.)

Anyway, I practically ran through the cubes back to my desk and typed up a rough synopses and first chapter in like 15 minutes. It was the strangest thing! I'm so in love with the story. I like my main character (she's not depressing like all my other ones always turned out to be -- why is that?). The subject is something I know a lot about and feel confident writing about.

And I'm excited to work on the book. In the past, I sort of dreaded it.

So I guess I just needed to vent. Also, I think I needed to get out all my bad words.

Oh, and on Saturday, I was taking a shower when the end of the book just popped into my head: how all the characters come together, how the puzzle unravels, what daring thing my MC has to do. I need to keep one of my son's bath crayons in there!

Why do all my ideas happen in the bathroom? Maybe I should keep a desk in there.

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  1. what about a lap desk? You could sit on the throne with your lap desk?


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