Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beam Me to the Rewrite

You know what I need?

I'm not a big Star Trek fact, I'm not a fan at all. Not because I think it's no good, just because I never got into it. Anyway, my husband was watching the latest film tonight, which means I was peering at it over my book until I thought, "This is nuts," kissed him goodnight and came upstairs.

But something occurred to me that would be really useful in writing. You know how they have those things that "beam" them to places? Can you beam yourself into the future? I'm not sure. But I was thinking: If I could just beam myself into the future, then I'd be done writing my book by now and I could just be focusing on the rewriting part, which of course, is my favorite part (for now).

So could someone get on a future beaming machine? Or, perhaps I could borrow a DeLorean...oh my god, I just looked it up...I spelled DeLorean correctly on the first try.


  1. Beam me up Scotty! Yes, sometimes it does seem there would be comfort in knowing the future. But I guess for now we'll just have to enjoy the journey!

  2. The awesome thing is your working on the writing part now (as compared to trying to find time or an idea to write.)

    You may appreciate this...I splurged and bought a fountain pen. I've been wanting for a couple years and finally bought one. Well two for home and one for work.


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