Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello NaNo!

I'm in trouble. I already started over and it's only Day 3 of NaNoWriMo. Well, at least it's only Day 3.

But I love my NaNo novel. It's fluffilicious! That should be a word. You can find me HERE. I need to change my author profile -- that one's from last year. *gasp*

My synopsis is below. I'm going to try hard to leave it alone now and focus on the story. (I'm only 560 words in and should be at 5,000. Yikes.)

Kate Running (Working Title):

Everyone at Dunham and Burke loves Kate. She’s the life of every after-work party, at ease under pressure and would gladly set up camp in the spotlight. And, at 27, Kate McKendrick’s at the top of her game in this small advertising firm just outside of Seattle.

But when another writer is hired to be her teammate, Kate finds her job threatened and, more importantly, her status as coolest coworker. Now everyone loves Phillip with his tan face, toned legs and healthy lifestyle. A marathoner. Whatever.

On one particularly soul-crushing day, Kate declares anyone can run a marathon, to which Phillip retorts, “You wanna bet?” Of course she does. Kate’s not one to run away from a challenge. The only problem: Kate’s not one to run…at all. (That is unless it’s from the office to happy hour at Downtown Dave’s next door. Hello, $2 margaritas!)

Will Kate win the bet? Or will she die trying?

Copyright 2010 Kerrie T. and How To Be an Author


  1. I like it! Makes me want to know more about the characters and especially Kate.

    So, when can I read the rest???


  2. I like your new synopsis... I read the first one yesterday on your nanowrimo and I like it that you've changed it to incorporate the running. Good luck, I'll be following your progress!!

  3. I'd read the looks great and what runner doesn't love a book where someone runs and works hard to meet their goals.


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